Terry Allen Pairs

Terry Allen became League Secretary in the early 1970s. In those days the job included running the entire League programme, organising all competitions, presentation night, the Christmas draw, the AGM, County trials and selection plus anything else that happened to need doing. Today this is done by quite a few people. He was secretary for 10 years!

B Division players only. Neutral table, double leg games decided by highest total score.

Abbey Balchin & Jim BalchinSalfords RH14th May 2024 @ 20:30
Sue Oakley & Nev Blackman

Semi Finals
Abbey Balchin & Jim BalchinSalfords RH30th April 2024 @ 20:30
Roland Musk & Nev Jones
Sue Oakley & Nev BlackmanJolly Brickmakers30th April 2024 @ 21:15
Paul Trottman & Nick Moss

Quarter Finals
Aaron Hill & Luke StevensGarland8th April 2024 @ 20:15
Sue Oakley & Nev Blackman
Paul Trottman & Nick MossGarland2nd April 2024 @ 20:30
John Wallace & Ian Mountain
Roland Musk & Nev Jones--
Les Hills & Bobbie Davis
Abbey Balchin & Jim BalchinSalfords LH2nd April 2024 @ 19:00
Teri King & Yvonne Taylor

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
Sue Oakley & Nev BlackmanSalfords LH5th March 2024 @ 21:15
Karen Bacchus & Baz Symonds