Presidents Cup

Neutral table. A coin toss decides which team has breaks 1, 3, 5 and which team has breaks 2 and 4. In the event of a 2-2 scoreline the final game is played over 2 legs. See full rules for further details.

Merstham Village Club BHorley CC23rd May 2024
South Park CC A

Semi Finals
Merstham Village Club BOld Chestnut4th April 2024
South Park CC B
Merstham Village Club ASalfords RH7th March 2024
South Park CC A

Quarter Finals
Salfords Club BOld Oak30th January 2024
South Park CC B
Horley Cricket ClubJolly Brickmakers30th January 2024
South Park CC A
Merstham Village Club BGarland30th January 2024
Jolly Brickmakers
Merstham Village Club ASalfords LH30th January 2024
Old Oak

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
NomadsHorley CC17th October 2023
Merstham Village Club A
Preliminary 2
Salfords Club YSouth Park CC17th October 2023
Salfords Club B
Preliminary 3
Salfords Club AMerstham VC17th October 2023
South Park CC A