Memorial Cup

Handicapped based on overall average over last 3 seasons. Neutral table, double leg games decided by highest total score

Dave Constable0Salfords Club (Right Table)24th May @ 8:15
Michael Wilson2500

Semi Finals
Nev Blackman2000Garlandplayed
Dave Constable0
Gary Powell0Old Oakplayed
Michael Wilson2500

1st Round
Terry Oakley0Salfords Club (Right Table)1st February @ 8:15
Jim Balchin1000
Dave Constable0
Winner of Preliminary 1 – Tony Cross0
Anita Blackman500South Park Con Club1st February @ 8:15
Sue Oakley2500
Teri King4000
Winner of Preliminary 3 – Michael Wilson2500
Mark Fraser500Merstham Village Club1st February @ 8:15
Tom Pearse1000
Nev Blackman2000
Winner of Preliminary 2 – John Wallace3500
Yvonne Taylor4500Old Oak1st February @ 8:15
Tracy Guy1500
Gary Powell0
Joe Elleson1000

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
Baz Symonds2500Horley Cricket Clubplayed
Tony Cross0
Preliminary 2
Abbey Balchin3000Salfords Club (Right Table)played
John Wallace3500
Preliminary 3
Karen Bacchus3000Salfords Club (Right Table)played
Michael Wilson2500