Open Singles

Congratulations to Laurie Roberts

Laurie RobertsSalfords Club 2 (right hand table)played
Denise Wills

Semi Finals
Laurie RobertsGarlandplayed
Dave Constable
Alex HornbyReigate Ex Servicemansplayed
Denise Wills
Drawn by Mark Fraser on 28th March 2019 at the Salfords Club

Quarter Finals
Laurie RobertsReigate Ex-Servicemansplayed
Jim Balchin
Dave ConstableJolly Brickmakersplayed
Joe Elleson
Denise WillsGarlandplayed
Tom Pearse
Alex HornbyOld Oakplayed
Mark Fraser

1st Round
Tom PearseMerstham Village Clubplayed
Vince Fiech
Genette NichollsMonson Road Clubplayed
Denise Wills
Martin PellettReigate Ex-Servicemansplayed
Dave Constable
Geoff JukesSalfords Club 2 (right hand table)played
Laurie Roberts
Winner of Preliminary - Joe EllesonSalfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Gary Powell
Alex HornbySouth Park CCplayed
Tony Cross
Fiona DoyleSalfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Jim Balchin
Mark FraserSalfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Roland Musk
Drawn by Zoe Stevens on 25th September 2018 at the Salfords Club

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
Joe EllesonHorley CCplayed
Josh Stevens