Memorial Cup

Handicapped based on neutral average over last 2 seasons.

Quarter Finals
Mark Fraser500Monson Road Clubby 26th Mar
Roland Musk2500
Gary Powell0Reigate Ex Servicemans26th Mar at 8.15
Tom Pearse2000
Joe Elleson2000Horley CC26th Mar at 8.15
Ian Davies4000
Josh Stevens3000Salfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Tracy Guy3000
Drawn by Alex Hornby on 22nd January 2019 at the Horley CC

1st Round
Roger Tedstone2500Merstham Village Clubplayed
Les Hills2500
Winner of Preliminary 2 - Tracy Guy3000
Fiona Doyle4000
Mark Fraser500Garlandplayed
Alex Hornby1500
Sue Oakley1500
Richard Voller3500
Lorraine Hamblin3500Reigate Ex-Servicemansplayed
Martin Pellett1000
Karen Bacchus3500
Roland Musk2500
Nev Jones3500Salfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Denise Wills1500
Geoff Jukes0
Ian Davies4000
Terry Oakley0South Park CCplayed
Tony Cross0
Dave Porter4000
Tom Pearse2000
Winner of Preliminary 1 - Bobbie Davis4000Old Oakplayed
Josh Stevens3000
Vince Fiech3500
Ray Ongley3500
Dave Constable0Salfords Club 1 (right hand table)played
Jim Balchin2000
Gary Powell0
Winner of Preliminary 3 - Bob Nicholls2500
Barry Symonds3500Monson Road Clubplayed
Genette Nicholls1000
Joe Elleson2000
Anita Blackman2000

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
Bobbie Davis4000Old Oak conceeded
Barry Hood2500
Preliminary 2
Nev Blackman2500Horley CCplayed
Tracy Guy3000
Preliminary 3
Bob Nicholls2500Salfords Club 2 (right hand table)played
John Wallace3000