Memorial Cup

Handicapped based on neutral average over last 2 seasons.

Congratulations to Joe Elleson

Joe Elleson2000Salfords Club 2 (right hand table)played
Mark Fraser500

Semi Finals
Joe Elleson2000Merstham Village Clubplayed
Tracy Guy3000
Mark Fraser500Merstham Village Clubplayed
Tom Pearse2000
Drawn by Sheila King on 28th March 2019 at the Salfords Club

Quarter Finals
Mark Fraser500Monson Road Clubplayed
Roland Musk2500
Gary Powell0Reigate Ex Servicemansplayed
Tom Pearse2000
Joe Elleson2000South Park CCplayed
Ian Davies4000
Josh Stevens3000Salfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Tracy Guy3000
Drawn by Alex Hornby on 22nd January 2019 at the Horley CC

1st Round
Roger Tedstone2500Merstham Village Clubplayed
Les Hills2500
Winner of Preliminary 2 - Tracy Guy3000
Fiona Doyle4000
Mark Fraser500Garlandplayed
Alex Hornby1500
Sue Oakley1500
Richard Voller3500
Lorraine Hamblin3500Reigate Ex-Servicemansplayed
Martin Pellett1000
Karen Bacchus3500
Roland Musk2500
Nev Jones3500Salfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Denise Wills1500
Geoff Jukes0
Ian Davies4000
Terry Oakley0South Park CCplayed
Tony Cross0
Dave Porter4000
Tom Pearse2000
Winner of Preliminary 1 - Bobbie Davis4000Old Oakplayed
Josh Stevens3000
Vince Fiech3500
Ray Ongley3500
Dave Constable0Salfords Club 1 (right hand table)played
Jim Balchin2000
Gary Powell0
Winner of Preliminary 3 - Bob Nicholls2500
Barry Symonds3500Monson Road Clubplayed
Genette Nicholls1000
Joe Elleson2000
Anita Blackman2000

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
Bobbie Davis4000Old Oak conceeded
Barry Hood2500
Preliminary 2
Nev Blackman2500Horley CCplayed
Tracy Guy3000
Preliminary 3
Bob Nicholls2500Salfords Club 2 (right hand table)played
John Wallace3000