Redhill & District Bar Billiards League


Welcome to Redhill & District Bar Billiards League.

The league runs on a Tuesday night at venues in and around Redhill. We always welcome new teams or players. To find out more about bar billiards and RDBBL, click here.

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Upcoming Competition Nights

We are approaching the end of the first half of the season. The last weeks before Christmas and the first week in January will be made up of Individual and Team competitions, as well as playing the postponed league games. There are also some competition games to be played by mutual arrangement by 14th January. Please check the competition pages for all the details.

In the event that your opponent has already played on the table on the same evening then you may have a 5 minute practice at your own expense before your game.

Any matches which have been drawn but are yet to be scheduled in any of the comps can be played by mutual agreement on a neutral table at any time.

30th November
Competition matches:
Over 50s 1st Round
Ladies Singles Prelim
Open Singles Prelim
Memorial Cup Prelim

Postponed League Game To Be Played:
SPCC A vs Salfords A

7th December
Presidents Cup

14th December
Bill Burwood Cup

Postponed League Games To Be Played (These teams are able to play their postponed league matches due to having byes in the Bill Burwood Cup)
Salfords Y vs SPCC A
Reigate Ex vs Jolly Brickmakers

21st December
Competition matches:
Reg Stone Prelim & 1st Round
One Over 50s Match

Postponed League Game To Be Played:
SPCC A vs Old Oak

4th January
Open Singles 1st Round
Open Pairs Prelim
Mixed Pairs Prelim
Ladies Pairs Prelim