Open Singles

The winner of this competition will be offered the chance to represent the league at the All England singles event

Neutral table, double leg games decided by highest total score.

Dave ConstableSalfords Club (Left Table)24th May @ 9:45
Gary Powell

Semi Finals
Gary PowellSouth Park Con Clubplayed
Alex Hornby
Dave ConstableSalfords Club (Right Table)played
Michael Wilson

Quarter Finals
Joe EllesonMerstham Village Clubplayed
Alex Hornby
Michael WilsonMerstham Village Clubplayed
Martin Pellett
Geoff JukesSalfords Club (Left Table)played
Gary Powell
Dave ConstableGarlandplayed
Tracy Guy

1st Round
Joe EllesonSouth Park Con Clubplayed
Roland Musk
Alex HornbyOld Oakplayed
Winner of Preliminary 1 - Mark Fraser
Tracy GuyMerstham Village Clubplayed
Tom Pearse
Geoff JukesSalfords Club (Right Table)played
Winner of Preliminary 2 - Tony Cross
Denise WillsMerstham Village Clubplayed
Martin Pellett
Colin RobbinsOld Oakplayed
Winner of Preliminary 3 - Gary Powell
Michael WilsonSouth Park Con Clubplayed
Winner of Preliminary 5 – Richard Cox
Genette NichollsSalfords Club (Left Table)played
Winner of Preliminary 4 – Dave Constable

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
Mark FraserGarlandplayed
Terry Oakley
Preliminary 2
Tony CrossSalfords Club (Left Table)played
John Wallace
Preliminary 3
Gary PowellOld Oakplayed
Jim Balchin
Preliminary 4
Laurie RobertsSalfords Club (Right Table)played
Dave Constable
Preliminary 5
Abbey BalchinSalfords Club (Left Table)played
Richard Cox