Over 50s

Neutral table, double leg games decided by highest total score.

1st Round
Winner of Preliminary 1 – Karen BacchusGarlandTBC
Gary Powell
Genette NichollsOld OakTBC
Geoff Jukes
Tony CrossSalfords Club (left hand table)TBC
Tracy Guy
Les HillsSalfords Club (left hand table)TBC
Winner of Preliminary 2 – Terry Oakley
Baz SymondsSalfords Club (right hand table)TBC
Jim Balchin
Laurie RobertsGarlandTBC
Denise Wills
Nev BlackmanJolly BrickmakersTBC
Sue Oakley
Winner of Preliminary 3 – Colin RobbinsHorley Cricket ClubTBC
Mark Fraser
Drawn by Tony Cross on 31st October 2019 at the Salfords Club

Preliminary Round
Preliminary 1
John WallaceJolly Brickmakersby 31st January
Karen Bacchus
Preliminary 2
Dave ConstableHorley Cricket Clubby 31st January
Terry Oakley
Preliminary 3
Colin RobbinsMonson Road Clubby 31st January
Martin Pellett