Bill Burwood Cup

Bill Burwood was one of the most energetic officers the Redhill League ever had. He won two league championships in the 1960s with Redhill British Legion and when he died in 1973, Bill's popularity demanded a memorial competition. The Bil Burwood Cup has been handicapped from the outset, not to make it different from the President's Cup, but in order to recognise Bill's support for the under-dog.

1st drawn is home team, away team has all breaks.

Semi Finals
Jolly Brickmakers3000Jolly Brickmakersby 14th April
Old Oak1500
Reigate Ex Servicemans or Monson Road Club2000 or 3000Reigate Ex or MRCby 14th April
Salfords Club B1000
Drawn by Sheila King on 28th February 2019 at the Salfords Club

Quarter Finals
Salfords Club B1000
Reigate Ex Servicemans2000Reigate Ex Servicemansby 28th Feb
Monson Road Club3000
South Park CC B500South Park CCplayed
Old Oak1500
Merstham Village Club A2500Merstham Village Clubplayed
Jolly Brickmakers3000
Drawn by Alex Hornby on 22nd January 2019 at the Horley CC

1st Round
Merstham Village Club B0Merstham Village Clubplayed
Old Oak1500
Merstham Village Club A2500
Salfords Club A2500Salfords Club 2 (right hand table)played
Reigate Ex-Servicemans2000
Monson Road Club3000Monson Road Clubplayed
Horley CC2000
Salfords Club B1000n/an/a
Salfords Y1000Salfords Club 1 (left hand table)played
Jolly Brickmakers3000
South Park CC A0South Park CCplayed
South Park CC B500