Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Presidents Cup 2017/18

1st drawn is home team. Neutral Table.

Matches to be played on 9th January 2018 at 8:15

Quarter Finals Venue
Salfords Club B Old Oak
South Park CC B
South Park CC A Reigate Ex-Servicemans
Horley CC
Monson Nomads Horley CC
Salfords Club Y
Merstham Village Club B Salfords Club 1
(Left hand table)
Merstham Village Club A
Drawn by Karen Bacchus on 21st November 2017 at the Limes

1st Round Venue
Horley CC n/a
Jolly Brickmakers A South Park CC
Monson Nomads
Salfords Club B Horley CC
Jolly Wanderers
South Park CC A Salfords Club 1
(Left hand table)
South Park CC B Salfords Club 2
(Right hand table)
Reigate Ex-Servicemans
Salfords Club A Jolly Brickmakers
Salfords Club Y
Monson Road Club Reigate Ex-Servicemans
Merstham Village Club A
Merstham Village Club B Limes
Old Oak
Drawn by Sue Oakley on 29th August 2017 at the Salfords Club